Intro text to the drivers, their work and importance

Lance Stroll

Lance Stroll knows the impotance of getting in the zone when working, and listening to music undesturbed can help with that.

"I always try to get in the “zone” before a race, and EPOS headsets are now a big part of that ritual." - Lance Stroll

And the importance of getting down again after a hectic day, blocking everything out can help.

"EPOS headsets help me keep calm and focused during my downtime. It’s way easier to relax with all the noise filtered out." - Lance Stroll

Stay Facused with ANC

Sebastian Vettel

Everybody knows what they need to succeed in their job, Sebastian Vettel is no different.

"During a race, every word counts. I love how EPOS headsets let me hear the same level of detail in my daily life." - Sebastian Vettel

And to succeed you have to rely on your equipment, that is why quality and premium wins.

"EPOS headsets are a solid piece of equipment. I’m truly impressed by the craftsmanship. I can tell that a lot of care went into EPOS headsets. I’m honestly rather impressed by how well-built they are." - Sebeastian Vettel

Stay comfortable for long periods

When using the same equipment for longer times, comfort is important, that is why EPOS is not only working on developing the quality audio, but also making sure that all aspects is thought of.

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