November 11: Read more about our sessions

3:00 p.m. (CET)

The Power of AI in Audio

Jeffrey Saunders and Jesper Kock

AI is quickly changing the way we live. We have seen it moving into our daily lives. Take, for example, personal assistants that, by using machine learning and AI, can predict our actions and get smarter by doing so. It is no surprise that we can observe the same developments at work, especially as we become more mobile, versatile, and flexible. In this presentation, Jeffrey Saunders and Jesper Kock will talk about the new way of working and how technology can empower us to be more efficient and collaborate in a better way.

4:00 p.m. (CET)

The New Normal in Modern Workplace

Robert Karlsson and Nivetha Samy

Before the pandemic, only 14% of businesses reported a formalized flexible work policy. Today, that number is 76%. And while the move to remote and hybrid ways of working hasn’t been without challenges, the issue hasn’t been about teams staying productive. The biggest challenges have concerned team cohesion, company culture and open collaboration, and a perceived decrease in innovation. In this keynote, Robert Karlsson and Nivetha Samy share findings from a recent Microsoft study of 15 European markets, and how Microsoft Teams plans to accommodate the New World of Work with regards to meetings and calling.