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3:00 p.m. (CET)

The Sonic Revolution

Alexander Wodrich

In his keynote, Alexander Wodrich will talk about the rise of voice-based services, what AI has to do with it, why brands feel threatened and how they react.

4:00 p.m. (CET)

Working from Anywhere – Your New Freedom

Ragnar Heil

Beginning of first lockdown due to COVID-19 we thought that working from home might be new normal for many of us. Now we discover more working spaces, New Work use cases and also new freedom. We get a glimpse of idea how productive blended hybrid Remote Work might look like. Ragnar Heil is taking you through his personal journey, how he uses his headsets and makes sure that Work and Life balances well

5:00 p.m. (CET)

Best-in-class Sound Experiences are Critical to Maximize Focus and Enhance Learning

Robert Arnold

Virtual education programs have been available for many years, yet they were widely considered a niche use case. In a matter of weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic made virtual learning a necessity worldwide. All stakeholders in quickly recognized the critical role that technology plays in the delivery of education. As schools and universities re-open or plan to re-open classrooms, their takeaways from virtual learning experiences have become essential to establishing new best practices for education in the future, whether virtual, in-classroom, or a mix of both in a blended model.

Among the most significant revelations amid the mass shift to virtual learning in 2020 are the difficulties associated with maintaining student engagement and concentration. Poor audio, whether interacting with rich media learning materials or live instructors, is a leading cause of student distraction and disengagement at all educational levels.

In this webinar, Frost & Sullivan Principal Analyst, Robert Arnold, will discuss the importance of high quality audio in all learning environments and how the right choice of audio devices can significantly impact the experience for students, instructors and IT.

Specifically, this webinar will discuss:

  • Implications of high quality audio on education
  • Why consumer and generic business headsets fall short of needs
  • Benefits of professional-grade high quality audio devices
  • Audio considerations for classroom-based, virtual and hybrid learning
  • High quality headset options for lower and high education students
  • How teachers can improve student engagement and knowledge retention