Meet Maria Agdrup Hüche



Maria Agdrup Hüche


Process Development Manager


MB, Electronic Engineering, BA, Commerce, Supply Chain and Logistics


Global Operations

What I Do

I started as Head of Manufacturing with responsibility for our production in China in 2018. Then I became the lead in migrating a new business area from Sennheiser to EPOS as part of the demerger project. That included designing processes, setting up the whole supply chain and integration with our IT-systems. Today, I am responsible for process development across the whole of Global Operations, supporting team managers with development of effective and lean processes, improvement of our supply chain setup and, not least, extended use of our IT toolbox.

What Drives Me

There is a long row of interesting projects to dig into and there will be more in the future. Each project is different, and by the end of the day I go home knowing that I have made a difference for my colleagues and for the company.

What Makes EPOS a Great Workplace

One of the most fantastic things about working at EPOS is that it is the Land of Opportunity. EPOS is rapidly growing and that offers you great opportunities to develop yourself and your role while contributing to the success of the company. Our top-management encourages a culture where your core competences and strengths are discovered, and you are empowered to use them to their full extent. I also love the close collaboration with my dedicated, skilled and ambitious colleagues.

Fun Fact

I am a three-legged runner… Which means I run with a walking-stick because an accident caused my left side to be paralyzed. In 2013 I was persuaded to participate in the first edition of Ironman Copenhagen. I just forgot the fact that I could not swim – as in not one single stroke! So, I had six months to learn how to swim to be able to complete the 3,8km in open water. Since then, I have won nine triathlon World Championships.

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