Meet Nicolas Larsen Villamil



Nicolas Larsen Villamil


Digital Growth Hacker


MSc. (Econ.), Brand and Communications Management


Global Marketing, Enterprise Solutions

What I Do

I work with business growth through digital marketing activities that help us gain brand awareness, customer consideration, and acquire new potential sales prospects for our sales reps in the regional markets. A big part of it includes paid media activities on social media, search engine marketing, website content optimization, and CRM.

What Drives Me

Being able to see that the work that you do, pays off on the bottom line – both for me as an individual, for the team, and for the department in general. It’s all connected.

What Makes EPOS a Great Workplace

Above everything else, what makes EPOS a great workplace is that I have great colleagues. We have a friendly, international and informal atmosphere, and it’s nice to be in business with people you like.

Fun Fact

I love music creation. Sample-based music creation to be specific. Cutting an existing track into pieces, or multiple tracks even, and mixing them into a single new track is incredibly satisfying when done right. Shout-out to Resident Advisor.

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