Bad Audio is Bad Business

At EPOS we are set on a mission to eliminate the most expensive word in business today. That word is "What?". As you read this, businesses around the world are losing valuable time and money due to poor audio solutions.

What - the most expensive word in business

95% of today’s modern workers admit that their concentration and efficiency at work has suffered due to sonic setbacks. The auditory pain points within organisations are many and varied, but they are also alarmingly universal.

This reports provides key insights into understanding sound experiences that will help you stay ahead and make smarter decisions for your organization.

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Poor quality audio is expensive

Disruption to audio and video collaboration is costing businesses big in terms of productivity. In fact, on average end-users are losing 29 minutes per week due to poor sound quality on voice calls. Instead of moving on to the next task, workers are forced to spend unnecessary time following up on conversations they have already had. Learn more in the 2020 report.

Achieve More with Sound Excellence

At EPOS, we believe that individuals and teams can achieve more, perform better and increase productivity with sound excellence. With the right audio tools and technologies, empowering professionals all over the world to unleash their potential.

ADAPT Line - Work your way

The ADAPT Line is a line of versatile audio solutions that work your way. Ensure flawless business calls and boost your concentration with headsets that offer Hybrid Adaptive ANC and optimized music experiences while working.

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IMPACT Line - When talk matters

Ensure excellent customer experiences with a line of premium audio tools for optimal comfort, easy call handling and rich, natural sound. Reliable, intelligent technologies filter out unwanted noise, enhance audio and boost your efficiency.

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EXPAND Line - Seamless collaboration

The EXPAND Line is a premium line of collaboration tools for professionals who demand a seamless teamwork experience – no matter the location. Best-in-class voice pick means everyone in the room can be heard clearly, making your meetings more efficient and more productive.

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EPOS has been a long-term partner with Microsoft and our headsets and speakerphones are certified for Microsoft Teams.

With Microsoft Teams, business professionals around the world can chat, meet, collaborate and share files with the built-in Office 365 business applications. Combined with EPOS’s premium audio quality, fully integrated call controls and excellent comfort, customers can benefit from a rich and clear communication experience, enhancing collaboration and productivity. Read more about our Microsoft Teams Certified products


Maximize focus and productivity anywhere with a headset powered by EPOS AI™ for personal audio with superb call clarity, stereo sound and adaptive ANC. Enjoy a unique UC optimized solution with machine learning enhanced microphone performance.

Explore ADAPT 600


Over-Ear Bluetooth® Headset

List priceMSRP 485.00$


Cut through the noise and make your presence felt with a headset that keeps you productive in open offices, or on the move. Get clearer calls with the discreet boom arm for excellent speech intelligibility and use ANC in noisy situations to focus.

List priceMSRP 285.00$

Smart discrete boom arm

Can be folded away into the headband when not in use

Switch effortlessly between your favorite devices

Enjoy multi-point connectivity via Bluetooth® to mobile and softphone simultaneously. BTD 800 USB dongle connects to your PC

Launch Microsoft Teams instantly

Dedicated button for Microsoft Teams via BTD 800 USB dongle


Keep moving, stay focused and be productive with an in-ear, neckband headset that delivers rich, natural sound and ANC whether at work or commuting. Tune into clear business calls anywhere, with a vibrating neckband so you’ll never miss a call.

Explore ADAPT 400


In-Ear Bluetooth® Headset

List priceMSRP 269.00$


Stay focused with ANC that reduces background noise, helps you concentrate in busy open offices and boosts productivity on-the-go. Ensure clear business calls with a solution optimized for UC and switch easily between devices as you multitask.

List priceMSRP 269.00$

Launch Microsoft Teams instantly

Dedicated button for Microsoft Teams via BTD 800 USB dongle

Clearer office and mobile calls

From 2 advanced microphones that optimize voice pick up wherever you are

Reduce distracting noise

Excellent noise dampening from large ear cups

Convenient and extremely portable

Due to a robust, foldable headset design

Let’s eliminate “What” from your open office

Join our mission to put “What” out of business for good with premium audio devices that adapt to the way you work.

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Is “What” costing your call center?

Find out why bad audio is bad business and what you can do about it. Put “What” out of business for good with premium headsets designed for busy call centers.

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