Banish bad audio from your open office

With every “What?” comes a cost. That’s why at EPOS we’ve set out to eliminate misunderstandings, misinterpretations and missed opportunities from offices all over the world.

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Put “What?” out of business with the ADAPT Line

Our ADAPT Line is made for versatile open office professionals so that you can concentrate and communicate seamlessly whenever and wherever you need to.


Maximize focus and productivity anywhere with a headset powered by EPOS AI™ for personal audio with superb call clarity, stereo sound and adaptive ANC. Enjoy a unique UC optimized solution with machine learning enhanced microphone performance.

Explore ADAPT 600


Over-Ear Bluetooth® Headset

List priceMSRP 485.00$


Cut through the noise and make your presence felt with a headset that keeps you productive in open offices, or on the move. Get clearer calls with the discreet boom arm for excellent speech intelligibility and use ANC in noisy situations to focus.

List priceMSRP 285.00$

Smart discrete boom arm

Can be folded away into the headband when not in use

Switch effortlessly between your favorite devices

Enjoy multi-point connectivity via Bluetooth® to mobile and softphone simultaneously. BTD 800 USB dongle connects to your PC

Launch Microsoft Teams instantly

Dedicated button for Microsoft Teams via BTD 800 USB dongle


Keep moving, stay focused and be productive with an in-ear, neckband headset that delivers rich, natural sound and ANC whether at work or commuting. Tune into clear business calls anywhere, with a vibrating neckband so you’ll never miss a call.

Explore ADAPT 400


In-Ear Bluetooth® Headset

List priceMSRP 269.00$

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Trial any of our premium ADAPT Line products in open offices or out on-the-go for superb call clarity and concentration with Hybrid Adaptive ANC.

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“What?” Is the Most Expensive Word in Business

Read the sound experiences report to find out why