Is your child or student having trouble focusing during virtual lesson?

While it may sound simple but home based learning when taken to reality, actual execution might be faced with multiple challenges.

Typically, children have short attention span. If they are not able to listen to lessons with clarity, their minds wander off.

Unnecessary miscommunications and frustrations arise when voice reproductions are unclear.

Couple with a working parent’s conference call or siblings at play, a frazzled household emerges.

Educators or teachers also face the same challenges while conducting lessons virtually.

Here are some solutions to help you ease some of your homebased learning pains.

Block out ambient or unwanted noises

Many times, noises from the background can cause user to be distracted and lose focus. Invest in a good active-noise cancelling headsets like the ADAPT 200 to improve concentration for your children.

Ergonomically Designed for long wearing

Long hours in wearing headsets might cause discomfort. EPOS headsets are well-suited for children and adults. In addition, the leatherette ear paddings are comfortable and construction of the headset is sturdy - promises comfort wearing and durability.

Stay Professional Always

Educators and teachers also need to stay professional at home or in virtual setting. Equip your teaching environment with EPOS speakerphones which allows you to present picture cards or graphics without any hinderance from cables. EPOS speakerphones, equipped with best-in-class voice pickup means your lessons can be heard clearly by your class.

Plug and Play Flexibility

Good communication starts with microphone fidelity. How well the teacher can be heard regardless of the setting helps prevent unnecessary miscommunications and frustrations. EPOS headsets have been designed to ensure seamless communication every time, helping students and teachers perform at their best, regardless of the location. With exceptional flexibility and optimized for use across major UC platforms, students and teachers simply need to plug and play.

Key Headset Features that Support Hybrid and Virtual Learning:

  • Premium microphones for superior sound and outstanding speech clarity

  • Compatibility with today's major collaboration platforms

  • Engineered to withstand wear and tear

  • Ergonomic design, for less strain and more comfort

  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for improved concentration

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