IMPACT SDW 5000 Security

This white paper addresses the security level of EPOS’ triple connectivity DECT headset system, the IMPACT SDW 5000 Series.

First, it describes DECT technology and the DECT Security certification program. Second, it outlines the DECT security chain comprised of “Pairing”, “Per Call Authentication” and “Encryption”, while highlighting the benefits of the DECT Security Certification.

EPOS has a Protected Pairing process which transfers sensitive pairing data via the charging terminal of the IMPACT SDW 5000 base station instead of ‘over the air’. The security of the pairing process is further enhanced by the authentication algorithm (DSAA2), which uses AES-128-bit keys. By having implemented this enhanced algorithm, the IMPACT SDW 5000 Series has reached step B in the DECT security level. Step B makes the IMPACT SDW 5000 Series even more secure than DECT products that have only implemented the DECT security step A. Per call authentication ensures that the headset and base station authenticate each other prior to every call. The encryption of voice data is strengthened by early encryption and re-keying, two features mandatory for the DECT Security Certification which are explained further in the white paper.

Additional security is added by not supporting the GAP mode on the base station. EPOS is the first and only manufacturer certified within the DECT Security Certification program, who is not supporting the GAP mode.

Finally, this white paper presents more security measures controllable via the software application EPOS Manager. The IT administrator can disable conference mode, call merging or the USB port of the base station. Consequently, intruders are not able to listen in on calls and Bluetooth® restricted environments are safeguarded against any attempts to misuse the USB port on the base station.

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