Recieve up to £150 cash back when you buy selected EPOS products

Offer available on purchases made between 01.10.22 and 31.12.22. Maximun unit purchases per customer applies.



Purchase any of the qualifying products* from an authorised EPOS reseller partner within the promotion period**.



Complete the online claim form [link] and upload your proof of purchase before the closing date of 5pm, Friday 13th January, 2023.



Payment will be made via BACS to your organisation within 60 days of approval.

Qualifying Products


1000204 | 1000205


50 units maximum per customer


1000209 | 1000210


50 units maximum per customer


1000905 | 100090 | 11000914 | 1000907 | 1000900 | 1000906 | 1000902 | 1000903 | 1000899


100 units maximum per customer


1000881 | 1000882


50 units maximum per customer

Terms & Conditions

Promotion is valid on qualifying purchases made between 01.10.2022 and 31.12.2022

• Buy EPOS participating products during the campaign from an authorised licensed EPOS business products reseller in the same geography as your offices: Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Luxemburg, Netherlands or the United Kingdom.
• Register on the campaign website, upload the proof of purchase for the participating products and submit the registration form. After your participation is confirmed, you will receive cashback amount for every purchased product!
• You will receive further information by e-mail about products and promotions for EPOS products only with your consent; no transfer of data for advertising purposes to third parties by those responsible.
• Important: The EPOS Cashback promotion offer is available to Enterprise end- customers only, based in Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Luxemburg Netherlands or the United Kingdom and on the specific EPOS products outlined in this terms and conditions.
• Each proof of purchase can only be used once.
• The deadline for submitting the online registration form and uploading the proof of purchase is 15/01/2023. Our support department is available until 19/03/2023.

A. Involved parties
- The campaign is organized for businesses based in Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland,
Luxemburg Netherlands and the United Kingdom on behalf of EPOS Sales A/S, Industripark 27,
2750 Ballerup, Denmark
- The implementation of the campaign and the reward delivery is carried out by Justsnap GmbH,
Gontard Strasse 11, 10178 Berlin (“Justsnap”). Contractual relationships and claims of the
participants are established exclusively with and towards Justsnap.
- Joint data controllers within the meaning of Article 26 of the General Data Protection Regulation
(GDPR) are Justsnap and EPOS.
- You will find the contact details of EPOS and Justsnap that are important to you at the end of
these Terms and Conditions.
B. Campaign Goal
- The campaign gives you an opportunity to receive a special cashback for certain EPOS products.
For every purchased product you will receive a certain cashback amount. In the table (overleaf)
you can nd the product names (and SKUs), the cashback amounts and the maximum redeemable
count per SKU.
The campaign relates to purchases of participating products within the Campaign Period
(01/10/2022 - 31/12/2022), the date of the proof of purchase is relevant;
- to purchases - including online purchases - from all authorised licensed EPOS business products
resellers in Austria, Germany, France, Ireland, Netherlands or the United Kingdom ("Campaign
Retailers"); A list of these resellers can be found here.
- explicitly NOT to purchases made by individuals, but only by businesses located in Austria,
Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Luxemburg Netherlands or the United Kingdom
C. Participants
Participants can be all businesses located in Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Luxemburg,
Netherlands or the United Kingdom that
- can access the campaign website at
- have a valid company email address (no private emails allowed)
- can provide company details like company name, VAT number, company address, industry,
company phone, email, first and last name and job title of the applicant and the bank details
- The Cashback promotion is not open to all employees of EPOS, all reseller partners, even when purchasing for their own internal usage, their respective agents, all distribution partners, even
when purchasing for their own internal usage or anyone connected with EPOS cashback
campaign. Resellers are not eligible to claim cashbacks on behalf of their end-users and any
resellers purchasing EPOS devices for internal usage must speak to their EPOS Account
Manager for information on how to purchase for this purpose.
- Each participant is allowed to participate multiple times – each time with a different proof of
purchase – the only restriction is the given maximum product count per product group.
D. Registration process
To take part in the campaign you must
- have purchased at least one participating product at a licensed EPOS business products reseller
in Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Luxemburg Netherlands or the United Kingdom
during the campaign period as well as possess the purchased participating products and the
proof of purchase,
- open the online form,
- select on the campaign page the purchase products and their count,
- upload a photo of your proof of purchase,
- register by providing your company details,
- provide the bank details (account holder, IBAN, BIC) to be used for the cashback money transfer
- By clicking on the button to complete your online participation, you also accept these Terms and
The successful completion of the participation process and the reference number of your participation
will be displayed on the campaign website.
The participation process can be completed till 15.01.2023 ("Closing date").
Please note the following:
- Your supplier must be located in the same geography as your offices.
- As proof of purchase in the sense of these Terms and Conditions, only the invoice from an
authorised reseller is valid. Order confirmations, delivery notes or comparable documents are not
- On the photo of the proof of purchase, the details of the reseller, the invoice number, the date of
the invoice, the participating products, the prices of the participating products and the total
amount of the invoice, the stated VAT and any discounts granted must be clearly recognizable.
- The photo of the proof of purchase must not be overexposed, blurred or too dark. Scanned
receipts are not sufficient for participation, detailed photos are required.
- Only the proof of purchase may be shown on the photo of the proof of purchase; the purchased
participating product may not be photographed together with the proof of purchase.
The successful completion of the participation process - i.e., the receival of all information you have provided or uploaded - as well as the reference number of your participation will be displayed on the campaign website; you will then also receive an email to the email address you provided.

E. Other Details

- Every participant can participate with several different invoices, the only restriction is, that
every participant can receive a maximum number of redemptions per product group. See
products table in section C.
- Each proof of purchase can only be used once to participate in the campaign.
- In one registration process only one invoice can be uploaded. In case the participant has more
than one invoice to register, they should register multiple times.
- No liability is assumed for an erroneously incorrect specification of the IBAN number or BIC.
There is a one-time opportunity to change an invalid IBAN and BIC, after that your participation
becomes invalid. To change your bank details, you can contact our support service by email,
which is set up exclusively for IBAN changes ( until 19/03/2023.
(For questions not related to the IBAN change, please contact us using the email address No other form of payment for the cashback amount can be
made and payments cannot be made to individuals.
- Neither EPOS nor Justsnap is not responsible or liable for any technical, hardware, software,
server, website or other failures or damage of any kind to the extent that this prevents the
participant from or otherwise obstructs him/her in participating in the EPOS cashback
Prevention of abuse and fraud:
- Through the verification explained above in section D as part of the participation process, we
check whether the information provided by a participant (VAT number) has already been used
for other participations in the campaign and redemptions for certain product groups will be
taken into consideration.
- During further processing, Justsnap will also check the participation information, in particular
the proofs of purchase uploaded by participants. For more information about this exam, see
Sections F and G below.
- Keeping the proof of purchase: Please note that you must keep the original proof of purchase
used for participation until you received the equivalent cashback amount on your bank
F. Post registration procedure
After your participation, Justsnap will take care of the further processing of your participation
information and, after checking, full the claim for a refund oered in this promotion as its own claim.
In this context
- Justsnap provides EPOS with the provided participation data (company name, VAT number,
industry, company address, company phone, email, rst and last name and job title of the
applicant, survey data, proof of purchase data and digital copy of the proof of purchase);
- Justsnap carries out the check to prevent misuse and fraud (details on this in Section G).
- Justsnap will send you an email confirming your cashback claim to the email address you have
provided; this can take up to two working days after receiving the information;
- Justsnap transfers the cashback amount to the account identified by you via IBAN; this is
usually done within 8 weeks after you received the confirmation of your successful participation
in the campaign.
We reserve the right to change or adapt these Terms and Conditions and to interrupt, extend or
terminate the campaign at any time without prior notice.
These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Danish law. Any
disputes relating to these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the
courts of England.
G. Abuse
We reserve the right to exclude any participant from the campaign if there is any suspicion that false information was provided when participating, attempts were made to manipulate the campaign, or these terms and conditions were violated in any other way. In this case, no conrmation email will be sent to you. You can prove to us that there was no violation of the Terms and Conditions in your case.
Automated decision-making: As part of the abuse and fraud check, an automated comparison with
data collected in the context of previous campaigns can be carried out solely for the purpose of
preventing abuse and fraud.
As part of the check to prevent abuse and fraud, Justsnap also uses automated procedures to check
the information uploaded for participation - in particular the proofs of purchase. These methods
consider both obvious discrepancies in this information and knowledge gained on manipulation
attempts based on previous experience. A manual check can also be carried out. In addition, the
results of the automated process can be subjected to a manual review before a decision is made
about the documentation of an attempted abuse / fraud or the exclusion of a participant from the
Return of the purchased products to the reseller following submission of the cashback request will
cause EPOS to void the request, disqualify the end-user purchaser and stop payment of any cashback
to be paid to the purchaser’s company. EPOS retain the right to void any claim or even to request a
back transfer after payment, if after investigation there is found to be a issue in supply chain from
distributor to reseller to end-user or on any other matter deemed not to be in spirit of the oer.
H. Contact
If you have any questions about the campaign, the quickest and only way to contact us is via This possibility exists until 19/03/2023.
You can contact EPOS over phone or contact form. For further information please click here
You can also contact Justsnap GmbH by email at and by post
(Gontard Straße 11, 10178 Berlin).