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EPOS offers a set of software libraries to integrate and test the digital features of EPOS devices into applications on Windows and Mac.

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The Software Development Kit (SDK) exposes a set of interfaces for application developers to enable call control functionality with EPOS USB devices by integrating the SDK with the softphone. The SDK supports the following call control functionalities: answer/end, mute/unmute hold/resume call and ring notification to the headset.

EPOS Demo App

EPOS Demo App is a desktop application created to help 3rd party softphone applications developers assist and verify the correct integration of their solution with EPOS SDK.

Javascript Library

The SecomJS Library is used to integrate web-based softphones with EPOS SDK, EPOS Connect (Windows) and HeadSetup™ (MAC). The SecomJS Library will aid the softphone users to control various call events on the softphone like accepting the incoming call, ending the active call etc. using EPOS headsets and speakerphones.

Amazon Connect Demo App

The Amazon Connect Demo App is a web-based application that supports developers to illustrate the integration of EPOS SDK or EPOS Connect together with Amazon Connect platform.

This SDK request form will be phased out.

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