Initiate conference pairing on IMPACT SDW with ADAPT (MB) 660

  1. Open the link between SDW headset and SDW base by pressing the headset button (Blue LED is on)
  2. Take your MB 660, swipe backwards and hold until you hear “conference pairing” prompt in your master SDW headset (See “voice dial picture below”).
  3. Press the SDW headset button to approve the conference pairing of your MB 660.
  4. MB 660 will prompt “Conference pairing successful”
  5. Now you are in conference mode with SDW and MB 660 until you don’t place SDW headset back on the base.
  • Please be aware that you should not use MB 660 touch surface until you are in conference mode, otherwise MB 660 will disconnect from the conference.
  • Once BTD 800 is paired with MB 660 there is no need for re pairing, the headset will automatically connect to the BTD 800 when powered on.