The audio

EPOS hardware and software technologies are engineered for immersion, concentration and clarity.

Our aim: to perfect the gaming experience. With lensing microphones to isolate the voice, self-adapting algorithms responsive to your unique sound environment, and headset speakers crafted to do the experience justice, every detail is conveyed with astonishing naturalness. Live the soundscape of the game – with every word heard.

Our audio philosophy

At EPOS, we believe that excellence in audio completes the gaming experience. To get the most out of the world's best games and experience their audio as the sound designers intended, gamers need devices crafted specifically for gaming by engineers with extensive experience of how human hearing works — and skills to develop the high performance designs and technologies needed to deliver optimal sound for a life-like experience. EPOS products are engineered for the ultimate gaming experience and for the gamer who demands excellence in all aspects of her or his gaming.

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