EPOS Gaming Suite

Take control over your audio experience

You know your games and how you like to play them. We know this too, which is why we have developed the EPOS Gaming Suite – intuitive tools giving you the ability to take control of your audio experience and tailor game sound and communication to your exact preferences.

Tweak your audio software to achieve excellence on the field of battle

The Playback menu in our PC software allows you to easily choose between a range of preset audio profiles designed by us for various game genres or adjust the audio in your stereo or 7.1 surround sound gaming-headset. Wearing your wireless GSP 670 or GSP 370 headset, you can explore the difference in the sound as you make your adjustments. Playback even allows you to create different audio profiles you can toggle between without hitting pause.

Stepping into the mayhem of a combat arena, you can turn up the bass and reverberation and experience the rumble of heavy explosions as you melee your way across the map. Crouched on high ground with your sniper’s rifle, you can give yourself the best chance of detecting the enemy sneaking up on your position by turning up the treble and lowering the bass.

Adapt to your environment

The Microphone menu in our PC software allows you to adjust the microphone in your headset for your surroundings: choose a warmer voice setting if you are playing at home or increase the noise cancellation in your microphone for crystal clear communication.

Never fall behind with our gaming audio software. EPOS Gaming Suite notifies you when there are firmware updates available for your device. Just connect your headset, open the tools and click on the Settings icon in the bottom to update. Staying current with the latest technological improvements means your performance stays at its very best.