Surpass traditional surround sound

Push the boundaries of surround sound with our unrivalled Binaural Rendering Engine by EPOS

Today’s games feature sound so detailed and immersive that they require the best audio technology to experience them as their creators intended. Our passion for perfection in audio and our commitment to delivering the ultimate experience for gamers led us to develop our unique EPOS Surround technology.

The EPOS 3D audio engine does not simply deliver audio like a standard 7.1 surround sound setup. It is designed for gamers to enjoy a game’s sonic environment in the same way we experience sound in the real world. With our proprietary EPOS binaural rendering engine, we can tell the direction a shot was fired from in three dimensions and be seamlessly immersed in a conversation around a campfire with other players in our game world.

EPOS Surround technology is created in-house from our extensive research and development in the field of psycho-acoustics - the science of sound perception. We have used our understanding of how human anatomy captures, and the brain perceives, sound to create a realistic sense of immersion.

The EPOS 3D audio engine uses custom spatial filters that have been compiled from a large proprietary internal research database. We especially focused on improving the perception of sounds that come from the back or side of the soundstage, which existing surround sound technologies struggle to deliver as effectively.

Our engineers implement a finely tuned audio path to ensure high quality audio reproduction and a fatigue-free listening experience. With EPOS you are - quite simply - immersed in the game’s sound stage, hearing the audio as its designers intended it to be heard.

Be in the game – not just listening to it

Some headsets use multiple drivers in each ear cup to create surround sound, a technique that leads to blurred audio reproduction. At EPOS, we create headsets with a single, powerful driver to render rich, crisp, and precise sound. With our technology, you will always hear that you are at a precise location in the world, and that whatever you do and however you move, the audio cues and the advantage that gives you will move with you. You can identify your opponent’s spell and discover where they are hiding, all while forgetting you are even wearing a headset.

It has taken us the better part of a decade to perfect EPOS Surround in pursuit of the deepest immersion. Our binaural technology allows us to generate a sound experience capable of genuinely serving a gamer’s moment-to-moment needs, regardless of the game or genre.

The EPOS 3D audio engine powers our GSX 1000 and GSX 1200 Pro audio amplifiers and our EPOS Gaming Suite, effectively transforming your stereo headset into a virtual surround sound headset simply by plugging it in.

There is nothing like the power of binaural immersion – apart from real life!

Surround sound in headsets

Our ears and brain work together to interpret the direction sounds come from. For example, sounds to the side of us will arrive at one ear before the other, and our brain processes this information to tell us which side the sound is coming from. Our brain also interprets the way sound interacts with the structure of our ears, the way it reflects off our shoulders and so on. In this way humans can perceive the direction sounds come from remarkably accurately.

Traditionally, surround sound as you might experience in a cinema, is delivered by multiple loudspeakers, and the audio signal is mixed into each speaker channel depending on the location of the sound on the sound stage – so as a jet flies overhead on screen, the sound will move from the speakers behind you to the speakers in front.

For our ears to perceive the sound coming from a headset as being from a particular direction, the audio must sound as if it has interacted with our anatomy – our ears, head and shoulders especially. Complex mathematical algorithms generate tiny changes to the audio signal that our brain can then interpret as coming from a specific direction.

At EPOS, we have spent many years making measurements and gathering data to perfect our spatial audio to provide a better experience for gamers than off-the-shelf binaural audio solutions and we fine-tune the audio pipeline from the game to your headset for optimal reproduction. The EPOS 3D audio engine powers our GSX 1000 and GSX 1200 Pro audio amplifiers and our EPOS Gaming Suite, transforming your stereo headset into a virtual surround sound headset simply by plugging it in.

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