EPOS Gaming Technology

The EPOS hardware and software technologies are engineered for immersion, concentration and clarity.

Our aim: to perfect the gaming experience. With lensing microphones to isolate the voice, self-adapting algorithms responsive to your unique sound environment, and headset speakers crafted to do the experience justice, every detail is conveyed with astonishing naturalness. Live the soundscape of the game – with every word heard.

EPOS Sound™

Full concentration. Full immersion.

EPOS Sound™ constantly scans the ambience of your room to eliminate distractions and create an augmented audio experience for your unique space.

With EPOS Sound™ you can truly live the sound scape of the game. Every voice, every effect is right in your room. Discover the experience of what your premium audio device was engineered to do.

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EPOS Voice™

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EPOS Voice™

Be truly heard with EPOS Voice™

– an acoustic lens to focus speech. You simply know that your team-mates will catch your every word. First time, every time. EPOS Voice™ is the science of clarity in action, removing ambient disturbance and enhancing the voice to the point it sounds perfectly natural – and nothing else.

Gaming Suite

Take control over your sound experience

You know your games and how you like to play them. We know and respect that - the Gaming Suite is at your service. Our driver gives you the ability to take control over your audio experience and tailor the sound to your personal preferences.

Tweak the audio to achieve excellence on the field of battle

The Gaming Suite is very user-friendly. You can easily choose between preset audio profiles that we created for various game genres. Or you can dive in and tweak the audio in your stereo or 7.1 surround sound gaming headset. Put on your wireless GSP 670 or GSP 370 headset and listen to the difference in the sound as you tweak the settings. The driver even allows you to create audio profiles you can toggle between on your headset.

If you plan on entering the arena with heavy explosions and absolute mayhem, you can turn up the bass and reverberance for that rumbling sound that echoes throughout the map. Or when you’re the sniper on the battlefield, you’ll need to hear the enemy trying to sneak up on your position by turning up the treble and lowering the bass.

Adapt to your environment

How and where you’re chatting with your teammates, the Gaming Suite offers various settings for better communication. If you’re playing at home, you can choose a warmer voice setting. Are you and your friends clashing with rival teams at a LAN party in a noisy environment, you can increase the noise cancellation in your microphone.

No matter what game you choose to enjoy, you can easily switch between your audio profiles on the fly to find the one that matches the genre and environment. The driver even notifies you when there’s a firmware update for your device, which will keep your headset up to date and improve your play.