GSX 300

Upgrade alternative for the Surround Dongle.

The GSX 300 and the Surround Dongle are both external USB soundcards or DACs (Digital to Analog Converters) that connect the PC (a digital device) to a headset (an analog device), and converts the digital sound signal to an analog signal that the headset requires to produce audio.

The GSX 300 is the latest offering from EPOS audio and works with the EPOS Gaming Suite for customizable 7.1 surround sound. The Surround Dongle makes use of Dolby® Surround and comes with limited software for control.


  • The Surround Dongle works with all EPOS headsets with a detachable – cable system
  • The GSX 300 is compatible with all analog headsets with single or dual 3.5 mm jacks. Users of current EPOS headsets with the Surround Dongle (GSP 350, GSP 550 and PC 373D) are able to upgrade to the GSX 300 with purchase of the UNP PC Cable that is available from the EPOS website.

The Benefits of Upgrading to the GSX 300

GSX 300

Price: US$79.00

Audio Format - Stereo: 24 bit / 96kHz

- 7.1 Surround: 16 bit / 48kHz

Volume Control: Volume dial synced with Windows®

Surround Sound: EPOS Gaming Suite

Digital Feature 1: 9-band customizable equalizer

Digital Feature 2: Adjustable side-tone

Digital Feature 3: Adjustable noise reduction

Digital Feature 4: Adjustable noise gate level

Digital Feature 5: Microphone effects

Digital Feature 6: Custom audio profiles

Smart Button: Yes

Loudness: Allows for louder audio playback

Support: Continuous

Surround Dongle

Price: US$32.00

Audio Format - Stereo: N/A

- 7.1 Surround: 16 bit / 48kHz

Volume Control: None

Surround Sound: Standard Dolby®

Digital Feature 1: Locked equalizer

Digital Feature 2: Simple side-tone

Digital Feature 3: Simple noise reduction

Digital Feature 4: No noise gating

Digital Feature 5: No microphone effects

Digital Feature 6: No custom audio profiles

Smart Button: No

Loudness: Lower audio playback levels

Support: No longer supported

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