BLAST Announcement


For 2020, EPOS has partnered with the most explosive, engaging and entertaining esports event in the world. BLAST Premier is a global circuit of events featuring the best Counter-Strike teams and players in the world competing for a prizepool of more than 4.5 million USD and delivering world-class entertainment for everyone.

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Together, we aim to give gaming fans a deeper appreciation of the vital role audio and communication plays in esports, through unique activations such as Mic’d up segment giving viewers the insight into team communication at the highest level.

“We’re really excited to partner with BLAST so we can tell the story of ultimate gaming audio through this exceptional event. As leaders within audio technology, we have unmatched dedication in creating premium headsets that let you truly zone-in and feel the game, while giving you a competitive advantage by bringing out every important sound cue.”

Andreas Jessen, Senior Director of Global Product Management & Marketing, Gaming