Small Meeting Room Setup

Even for a small meeting room there is a lot to consider. How many people should it fit, how should the table and chairs be placed, how ill this work with the audio eqiupment and should this room contain a video conference solution.

Configure your room

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Questions to Ask Before Setting Up Your Meeting Room

How your meeting room is set up and what equipment it uses will often be determined by the following.

1. What Will the Meeting Room Be Most Frequently Used For?

This is the most pressing question to answer. Basic meeting rooms for quick in-office chats will not need much space or equipment. On the other hand, conference rooms will likely be a lot larger and require far more technology and equipment.

2. What Is the Size of the Meeting Room?

This might be pre-determined by the office space you have available. Knowing the size you have to work with will usually help you narrow down the range of possible functions for your meeting room.

3. How Many Participants Should It Be Able to Support?

This will typically go hand-in-hand with the above. If physical space is not a limitation, you must decide on the maximum number of participants a meeting room should be able to comfortably accommodate. This will dictate everything from furniture and layout to the equipment used.

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